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About us

Dongguan YangZhen Hardware Precision Co., Ltd is located in the industrial city - Dongguan City Changan. The company is committed to the transformation of aluminum electrolytic capacitor production equipment, accessories production, marketing and equipment.

According to the production process of electrolytic capacitors business processes, which have been used in the production of spare parts for the equipment, and gradually improve the update. We will be excellent products, reasonable prices, reliable service, and our customers advance mutual benefit and win together. You careers and will be positive in Dongguan Yang (Yu Jie) power and source of precision metal Limited.

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Dongguan YangZhen Hardware Precision Co., Ltd

Tel:0769-85636263    81606717



Contacts:Mr. Chen

Address:Dongguan City Changan Wu Sha Li housing Xingfa Road 260 (Po-Yi Industrial Park)